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- Music Yahoo - Snoopy Stars in Greatly improved "Party Rock Anthem" Video

The internet is very much like a 1,000 monkeys working at a 1,000 computers - sometimes it is "the blurst of times" but occasionally we're treated to a brilliant fever dream out of someones's fertile imagination. An intrepid YouTuber called Didier Ah-Koon created a much improved video to LMFAO inescapable "Party Rock Anthem" starring (for unknown reasons) Snoopy and his pal Woodstock (...)


Charles Schulz probably would have hated LMFAO. (Go read about his life, and you’ll see.) But have the video-making masses ever sided with the curmudgeons? No. They side with people who really want to see a bunch of hand-drawn–computer-drawn, possibly, but nevertheless drawn–Peanuts characters shuffling to “Party Rock Anthem.” Specifically: Snoopy plays Redfoo, Woodstock playing SkyBlu (the roles aren’t actually delineated, but come on), and Hello Kitty playing Lauren Bennett just because.
Did we mention it’s all hand-drawn? It’s nice when people spend time on these things. As animator Didier Ah Koon writes, “it began with a funny little idea, then it became a huge amount of work. It ended with an enormous explosion of laugh.”"
 didier ah-koon snoopy party rock

 Didier Ah-Koon


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