old Storyboards

I am currently working as a director and story artist on animated feature films for Universal at Illumination/MacGuff studios in Paris(France).
I am also writing scenarios for "The Minions"comic book adaptation at Editions Dupuis.

Here are samples of my storyboards from various animated series and feature films I've worked on : 

2009/2010: "Rekkit" (2D Animated Serie) 

2009: "Kaeloo" (3D Animated Serie)

2009: "Captain Biceps" (2D Animated Serie)
2008/2009: "My Life Me" (2D Animated Serie)
2008: "International Hareport" (3D Animated Serie)
2007/2008: "PAT & STAN" (3D Animated Serie)


4 commentaires:

  1. Wow, I really admire you. You could do a storyboard for the song "Traveling Madness". That would be great!

  2. The Lorax sequence 500 leads to the sequence 4000 page -- Is there another way to get to get to it? :[

  3. Wow, superbe collection de storyboards ! Merci pour le partage, c'est toujours très utile de pouvoir analyser des boards professionnels.

    1. Merci pour tes commentaires.
      J'aime faire du storyboard, c'est un plaisir pour moi aussi de faire découvrir ce métier et de partager mon travail et mon expérience.